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   artwork you can walk on...

Hello and Welcome to Floorcloths by Andrew.


I hope you take a moment to enjoy this uniquely hand crafted art.


Each floorcloth is crafted with a passion to offer you a truly one of a kind museum quality piece that can last for years to come.


With over 30 years experience painting and a very solid design background, I'm committed to your satisfaction.


I'm continuously creating new designs and await the opportunity to provide a custom floorcloth especially for you.





Oil Clothes as they were once called, have been known by many names: Floor cloths, floor canvases, painted canvas, painted carpet, wax cloths, grease cloths, druggets or crumbcloths, summer floor mat and assorted combinations of the above. The time consuming craft was handmade by artisans in Europe as early as the 15th century. The earliest examples ranged from a solid plain color to faux finishes of stone, marble, tile and fine or exotic woods in geometric designs. Floor cloths are considered one of the earliest forms of floor covering. Referred to by most today as Floorcloths, only remnants of these cloths remain in historical collections, including Colonial Williamsburg Museums. (more on Floorcloth History)


Today with the rebirth of historic restoration and personalized interior decorating, floorcloths are making a come back. Not only do they protect the surface they cover; they can bring a handcrafted work of art to your home and can be sized to fit your space. Although their method of construction has changed little over time (see the whole process here), the designs today are an endless array of possibilities.(See my Photo Gallery for lots of examples)


As a piece of artwork you can walk on, (each of my floorcloths is signed and dated on the back for authenticity), floorcloths are extremely well-suited for use on any hard surface (concrete, wood floors, linoleum and tile). Floorcloths are a great alternative to rugs. They are very durable, effortless to clean and they don't attract dust or insects.

(See Use and Care for more information).



Floorcloths can be custom made to fit your space and personal décor. They can be placed under dining room tables or coffee tables, in the entryway or hallway, in the kitchen, almost anywhere you would like to add a splash of color or a hand crafted work of art. Floorcloths have also been known to be used as wall hangings and table covers or placemats.




I invite you to visit again anytime or just call the studio and I would love to chat.

(757) 613-5320 .. 9am - 9pm EST

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