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About the Artist

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, I developed a love for art at a very young age. As early as I can remember, I was always drawing and doodling in a sketch book. As a child, I would love to attend work with my mother at the Chrysler Museum so I could explore the galleries and appreciate all the wonderful artwork. While growing up, I was selected to attend the Old Donation Center for the Gifted and Talented in Virginia Beach to further my art studies, in addition to my regular curriculum. It was during this time that I experienced my first taste of fame. In 1983, I participated in 'Going for the Guinness'. My team and I won the record for the longest sand sculpture, a replica of a 19th century train which measured 8,498 feet long. In addition, I won several top awards at various highly ranked Junior Art Shows, such as the Creativity Award and a Special Merit Award. Throughout high school I continued to experiment in various mediums (acrylics, pastels, airbrushing, watercolors, photography and pen and ink). During my senior year, I attended Honors Art Classes, as well as served as the Art Club's President.

Upon high school graduation, I was accepted at Radford University's School of Fine Arts. During my time at Radford, I was actively involved in several aspects of the art field including art history and theory, graphic design, pottery, technical drawing, faux and special effects painting. I also gained invaluable experience working on a university newspaper, which was distributed at Radford, Virginia Tech, and surrounding local community colleges. As the Assistant Publisher and Creative Director, I was responsible for designing the cover page for this monthly newspaper. I was also in charge of selling and designing advertising space for local businesses in the area. In 1995, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art with an emphasis on Graphic Design. After graduation, I moved back to my hometown, Virginia Beach and worked as a Department Manager at a garden center for about a year. It was also about this time that I married my longtime girlfriend, Geanine. My search for a position in the art field was just under way when I landed a job as a Graphic Designer at a vinyl sign shop. I quickly worked my way into assistant management. Not only did I design computer layouts for all major accounts, I also was qualified to operate the Vinyl/CAD Plotters. This machine translates the computer design into a vinyl sign and/or lettering. I performed all custom installs of commercial signage including vehicle and boat lettering. In 1998, I began working for a floral business. My responsibilities included delivery driver manager and graphic designer. As their graphic designer, I designed various high quality business advertisements for all major floral holidays. I also created several in-house graphics and designed multiple store displays.

During the next year, I become employed at a custom frame shop, which specialized in 18th century floorcloths, frames and artwork. The company's clientele included Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Monticello, Mount Vernon, and Historical Charleston Foundation in South Carolina. Shortly after starting this new position, my wife and I began the new millennium with the birth of our son. Over the ten years that I worked for this organization, I was able to master the time and true method of floorcloth construction and design based upon the historical accuracy of this unique art form. In 2007, our daughter was born and we decided to move to North Carolina to a bigger home to accommodate our growing family. We were ready to be a part of a peaceful community in the country where the beauty of nature is untouched. After a year of commuting over two to three hours a day, I decided to pursue my life-long dream of becoming an independent artist who loves what he does and has the freedom to create both historical & modern designs.

Andrew Bulloch

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